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Are you in Westlake Village and looking for drapery and upholstered furniture? Then it is Daniel’s Design House that you have to visit! The company was founded in the 1980s and has since been the most reliable source of material for interior design as well as furniture in the region. We provide a wide array of assembled furniture that’s both stylish and elegant. With years of experience in upholstery and interior design, we will be there to help you make decisions. Not only are we the best in Westlake Village and drapery and window treatments is something we make sure is functional and stylish.

With custom Westlake Village drapery and upholstery at your scrutiny, from a custom sofa to an elegant couch, from fashionable window treatments to clean modernist curtains, you can be sure that your home gets the perfect style for your home and family. We have the knowledge as well as the know-how with regards to designs, fabrics and trims. We make sure that you’ll always have what you need whenever you wish. Our specialists will partner with you and talk about exactly what you’re. Just tell them what you need and they’ll produce it to your satisfaction. Custom Westlake Village drapery as well as upholstered furniture whether within Westlake Village or anywhere near, always comes fashionable. Shopping the old-fashioned way wherein you go into furniture stores, take a look around, buy something and head on out with a lot of items has definitely changed. At Daniel’s Design House, you could benefit from their services, like their measuring and installation, free pick-up and delivery, free estimates, on-site work room as well as design. It’s a guarantee that you’ll get top-notch craftsmanship and exquisite design. It is hard to do a blunder with Westlake Village custom upholstered furniture or anywhere close with the help of the professionals at Daniel’s Design House provides.

We provide you with upholstered furniture as well as custom drapes in a lot of areas, including that of Camarillo. Whether they are simple or elegant, relaxed or trimmed, mobile or stationary, soft or hard, the drapes are going to give any room in your house a unique view, completing its overall appearance and complementing the ambiance that you’ve always wanted. Daniel’s Design House has long been a trusted name. We have been dominant since 1980 because of the many custom designs we can provide. We have also given the community personalized service as well as expertise that are unparalleled.

Daniel’s Design House’s designers are all seasoned and are there to provide help with custom window treatments, creating and embodying privacy, personality as well as consistent design development for your home, whether in Westlake Village or anywhere nearby. Our designers are going to work with you in helping you with your choices to find the exact window treatment that can enhance your home settings.

We are committed to providing you with top-notch craftsmanship regarding custom window treatments, fabrics, furnishings and features in Westlake Village as well as in nearby areas. We interact closely with our clients and have them to take part actively in the designing process, from their choice of materials to addressing issues and from concept to completion. Guaranteeing results and making them happen is what makes us unique. Daniel’s Design House is more than committed when it comes to providing the best quality in our upholstery, fabrics and custom window treatments in Westlake Village.

So, for all your customized upholstery needs, just call us at 805 494-4941 or 818 707-7379 and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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"There is a large window in my living room that faces our front yard, which is very nice since you can easily see outside and allow natural sunlight in. While this window is great for the most part, it doesn’t offer much privacy, and the sunlight can get hot during the summer months. I stopped by Daniel's Design house for their Westlake Village drapery and was so impressed with all the selection in the showroom as well as their on-site workshops. The craftsmen and designers here are experts in their field and guided me through the entire process of designing my own custom drapery, including making sure that it would be able to fit in and match with the rest of my furniture and home décor. When I returned to pick up my finished drapes, I was amazed to see my designs and choices being transformed into reality. My window is now furnished with a stylish and unique drapery that will never be found in another store.

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